Learn from successful business people! What to do to succeed in business

Even if you try to start a new business, there are many people who can’t get off to a good start because the people around them oppose it or they don’t have enough money. Isn’t it the same for you?

But if you have a good idea, you want to put it into shape and make your business successful.

Therefore, this time, I will explain the tips for successful business while unravelling the commonalities and characteristics of people who have actually succeeded in business.

What people who succeed in business have in common

Each person has different personalities and abilities, but those who succeed in business have something in common . First of all, I would like to introduce the characteristics common to those who succeed in business.

Strong feelings for the corporate philosophy

Successful people in the business have a strong passion for the corporate philosophy. In addition, since we firmly convey our passion to our employees, each employee can sympathies with our corporate philosophy and the entire company can become one.

For example, ASKUL , which mainly handles office supplies, is one of the companies with a solid corporate philosophy. Not only the president but all employees share a strong desire for the corporate philosophy of “evolving for our customers .” That is why we have grown into a large mail-order site that is used by all companies and organisations .

Has a wide field of view and quick switching of thoughts

One of the characteristics of successful business people is that they can generate ideas from a broad perspective . A person who has a broad perspective is not a person who is naturally smart, but a person who is good at switching thoughts .

For example, Uber Eats , which has become a hot topic, is developing a novel service that matches people who want to ask for delivery with people who want to work part-time in their spare time . It can be said that such an idea was created by thinking daily about “how we can deliver meals other than pizza and sushi” and “how can we feel free to work in our spare time” and repeatedly switching our thoughts .


The amount of study is not the same for those who succeed in business. Many successful people continue to learn to improve themselves by taking advantage of their commute and bedtime hours to read and watch informative video lessons. In other words, the amount of input is tremendous .

Those who succeed in business are also interested in the little topics that come up in the conversation and have the curiosity to investigate further on their own .

I have a habit of thinking deeply

It is also a characteristic of people who succeed in business that they have a habit of thinking deeply . For example, there are many people who just say “it’s delicious” when they eat at a Japanese-style pasta restaurant. However, people who succeed in business not only smile, but also think about various things such as “Who created such Japanese-style pasta and how did they set up a store in this place?” increase.

By thinking a little nervously, “why?” And “why?” New ideas are born .

Good at making a profit

Those who succeed in business are good at making a profit. It may be difficult to hear that it is a profit, but for example, the profit is the part that you get a treat when you say, “I will reserve the front seat at a celebrity’s lecture, so please buy a glass . “

The relationship in which you take the actions that the other person wants and get the rewards that are commensurate with them is also the basis of business. It is a characteristic and an advantage of a person who succeeds in business to naturally obtain such profits.

What to do to succeed in business

I introduced the characteristics of people who succeed in business, but have you given up saying, “I can’t do that?”

Certainly, if you imitate someone who is successful in your business, you will be very successful in no time! There is no such thing.

However, it is possible to bring your business closer to success by continuing to work hard . So here’s what you need to do to succeed in your business.

Find something that really pleases you

No matter what kind of business you start, the basic idea is to provide products and services that satisfy your customers .

When you first think, “Let’s start a business!”, We tend to pursue only profits . Those who are full of “profit” in their minds, such as “If you lower the quality a little and reduce the cost of raw materials, you will get more profit” and “You can get this much profit with this product”. There will also be.

Of course, you can increase profits by lowering the quality of the same product and selling it cheaply. However, many customers will find it “poor and disappointing.”

If that happens, the number of repeaters will not increase. This will not make it a business.

Therefore, we should always strive to deliver products and services that truly satisfy our customers. ” Let’s add a habit of thinking “how can customers be pleased” and “what would you like if you were a customer?”

Acknowledge products and services

No matter how great a product or service you create, your business will not succeed unless everyone notices it. It is necessary to make efforts to make many people aware of our products .

Even if you don’t have connections, you can now use social media such as Twitter and Instagram to introduce your products and services. There is a way to get someone to know about a product or service.

Until we have repeaters, it is essential to make efforts to actively spread products and services. Create your own media, create a social media account, and devise.

Rely on people

Until the business you start up gets off to a good start, you tend to overdo it, saying, “I’ll do my best on my own!”, But sometimes it’s necessary to rely on people . The more serious people are, the more they try to do their best by themselves rather than relying on others, so there are many people who exceed their mental and physical strength before a successful business. To succeed in business, we also need the mindset that “getting someone to do it depends on people .”

Prepare the environment

Creating an environment is also essential for a successful business. When it comes to the environment, you don’t have to hire a beautiful secretary to suddenly line up expensive desks and chairs in a magnificent office building. For example, if you have a place where you can provide products and services and a good supplier, you can do business well.

Learn from successful business people

So how did the world-famous successful business people succeed in their business? Here are three successful business people. If anyone is interested, I recommend reading that person’s book .

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, who created the iMac and iPhone and made Apple the number one company in the world. He is also famous for leaving a number of quotes. As an example, “If today were my last day on earth, what would I really want to do?” If the answer is “No” for days on end, something must be changed. There is something to change.

I think there are many people who are surprised by this word. It may be a painful word for those who commute to work every morning while continuing to work for a company that joined the company as a new graduate and thinking “I hate it, but it can’t be helped because it’s a job”.

Steve Jobs has always pursued what he wants to do and has created ideas with the utmost motivation. That’s why we were able to create global hit products such as the iMac and iPhone.

Tadashi Yanai

Tadashi Yanai, the creator of UNIQLO, a major apparel shop, is a person who believes only in his own eyes and takes action . He was reluctant to do the same thing as a person, and he was even angry at what his parents said.

Before the birth of UNIQLO, Japanese apparel shops generally sold clothes purchased from manufacturers. However, Mr. Yanai noticed that the apparel shops that are increasing sales all over the world are SPAs (manufacturing and retailing businesses) that carry out everything from manufacturing to selling to consumers, and “Japanese apparel shops are doing it. That’s wrong, “and we created the SPA, UNIQLO.

There is no doubt that UNIQLO was born thanks to Mr. Yanai’s personality of “believing only in his own eyes and acting” and “I hate doing the same things as people” .

Elon Musk

succeed in business

In Japan as well, the news that SpaceX succeeded in launching the giant communication satellite network Starlink satellite became a hot topic. Some of you may be impressed by the appearance of 60 communication satellites lined up and flying into space.

And SpaceX has a ridiculous plan to launch about 12,000 communications satellites by the end of 2020. Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX. Space is not the only ridiculous plan for him.

When an ordinary person gets caught in a traffic jam on his way to work, he just gets discouraged or frustrated, saying, “Is it a traffic jam again?”, But he is not. He created a tunnel for high-speed movement in the basement of Los Angeles.

Whether in space or underground, he does what many people think “I’m doing something wrong.” The reason why we can do that is because we have the ability to put ideas into practice .

Ability of successful people

I’ve introduced you to three successful people, but what do they have in common ? From here, I will introduce the abilities of the three successful people.

Attitude to remember to learn

First of all, don’t forget to learn with curiosity no matter how old you are. After graduating from college, many people don’t try to learn new things because they don’t have the time or motivation. But to come up with great ideas, you must always be informed.

Ideally, you should study at a book or video learning site, take a seminar, repeat the input, and then output the acquired knowledge to the people around you or through the Internet .

Ability to persuade and empathise with the other person

The ability to take action to shape or realize the ideas that come to mind is also a common feature of all three. Whenever you come up with a wacky idea, someone will argue, but the ability to convince the other person to succeed with your peers is very important in any business.

The mindset that leads to business success

Finally, I would like to introduce the “mind to lead business to success” that can be practiced from today . Please refer to those who have been worried and haven’t made any progress.

I’ll do it anyway!

When you try to start a new thing, is there anyone who is wondering before doing it, saying “OK, I’ll do it! Oh, but…”? Each person has their own worries, but if you hesitate to start something new, you will not be able to succeed in your business for the rest of your life. The feeling of “try it!” Is important for the success of your business .

I’ll make money!

You often hear the line “I want to do it, but I don’t have the money”. However, in order to succeed in business, it is important to have a mindset of “I will make it if I don’t have the money” .

You can secure enough money to purchase products just by selling the disused items at home with the flea market apps. In addition, a short-term part-time job will save you the target money.

No matter who says what, I’ll do it!

Even if you try to start something new, there are many people who are worried about what people think and cannot take action. Even if you quit the company you work for and try to start a new business, you will be depressed if you are told that you can’t succeed anyway and that you should stop doing stupid things.

However, without a strong will to “I can do it, I will do it!”, I cannot hope for success. Let’s have a feeling like “No matter who says it, I’ll do it!”

Put your ideas into shape and make your business successful

Not everyone who succeeds in business is naturally talented and able to do everything perfectly. Most successful people read a lot of books, listen to the opinions and claims of many, and remember to grow themselves.

There are always barriers to starting new things, but be enthusiastic about your business.

By the way, in order to succeed in business, it is faster to learn by using systematic teaching materials and services than by self- study.

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