5 Fashionable kitchen renovations

An easy-to-use and stylish kitchen is indispensable for parties with friends and important family members.

This time, we will introduce 5 kitchen renovations for those who like cooking from the case of Zero Renovation.

From renovation points, storage techniques, and table coordination. Full of ideas to make your ideal kitchen come true!

  1. A kitchen for cooking lovers

An example of a renovation that created a wide double-shaped kitchen for couples who like cooking.

The kitchen can be original as well as a ready-made system kitchen.

Taking advantage of the natural texture of the wood grain, it has become a fashionable kitchen that has a sense of unity with the living-dining room.

The point is the spacious area that can be used by two people. The stainless steel top plate has excellent durability and heat resistance, and also has the advantage of being relatively reasonable compared to artificial marble.

In order to make effective use of the space under the sink and under the top plate, the kitchen is designed to be high enough to fit the wagon. The shelves were also made according to the number and size of the vessels.

Frequently used tools are easy to take out by hanging storage.

Since the top plate is large, you can work quickly even when you want to arrange a lot of vessels side by side.

Place a dining table in front of the kitchen to design a flow line that makes it easy to serve and clean up.

One of the nice things about the N-shaped kitchen is that you can talk while working.

  1. Home party kitchen

 kitchen renovations

This is an example of a renovation that fulfils the desire of an owner who has experienced a shared house life overseas to have a home party with a large number of people.

The spacious L-shaped kitchen and the large workbench are impressive.

Coffee makers and cups are stored together in the same area so that coffee can be served quickly when a visitor arrives.

The newly created original kitchen table is convenient for preparing a lot of dishes. Because the road is wide, it can also be used as a standing space.

Frequently used tools are displayed on the wall, and large pots and electrical appliances are stored together under the work table. The workspace is both refreshing and easy to use.

Not only the kitchen but also the dining room is party-specific.

I prepared a long bench sofa and a table and designed it like a table seat in a restaurant.

Not only can a large number of people sit on the bench sofa, but there is no need for a space to pull the chair back, so there is the advantage that the space can be used widely

  1. Kitchen with easy access and excellent flow lines

Introducing an example of a couple who realised their ideal kitchen by renovation.

Arched opening. Located in the back of the photo is a spacious pantry.

Convenient for storing large kitchen appliances as well as stock storage of ingredients.

If you put consumables and ingredients in a basket and blindfold them, it will be difficult to get a sense of life.

The ideal of the two is a kitchen that is particular about the size that does not collide even if you work together, the good flow line, and the large-capacity pantry.

It takes up twice as much space as the original kitchen and has become a kitchen that fulfils all ideals.

It seems that the charm of the kitchen, where you can cook efficiently with good flow lines, is even stronger when your child is born.

Since the work table is wide, it seems that you can enjoy cooking time with your family in the future.

The library and box sofa made in the corner of the living room are also two favourites. It is a healing space where you can take a break from housework.

We are particular about how to get out of the line of sight. In the dining room, living room library, desk beyond, and kitchen where you can feel the sign of your family.

The loosely connected space centred around the kitchen seems to naturally create conversations with the family as well as a smooth life.

  1. High-quality simple minimal kitchen

This is an example of a renovation with a refreshing taste based on white.

The kitchen is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible, along with the light and natural colour of the interior.

A wall-mounted system kitchen and an L-shaped counter designed to match it.

By giving room to the surroundings, it has become a kitchen where people gather around it.

In a compact kitchen, the secret to living neatly is to keep only the selected items that are OK to show.

A juice glass holder is installed at the top of the counter so that you can prepare sake as soon as you hear the voice “I want to drink”.

Guests can freely pick it up from the outside of the kitchen, which is very convenient when people gather.

Table coordination that matches the refreshing interior is also helpful.

If you pay attention not only to the fabric but also to the colours of the vases and place mats, you will have a sense of unity and a gorgeous dining table at once.

  1. Make and eat, a kitchen with a live feeling

A large island kitchen designed for families who like cooking and drinking.

The live feeling that you can easily enjoy making, eating, and talking with your family and friends is attractive.

It has become a cosy space where you can come up with fun ideas just by gathering there.

Since the work table has become wider, it is now possible to cook dishes that were difficult to cook and were avoided, as well as dishes that took time and effort. The owner seems to be enjoying making soba noodles!

The exquisitely high shelves make it easy to put in and take out tableware. If you store various large and small vessels by material, colour, and size, you will get a sense of unity.

Use the side of the refrigerator, or store the bulky frying pan in a standing position. It is a wonderful kitchen full of storage ideas and renovation techniques that make it easy to use.

If the kitchen changes, the cooking time itself will change. Try elaborate dishes that you have avoided before, or enjoy cooking with your family and friends.

With renovation, you can design your own kitchen from scratch.

Why don’t you spend a time full of smiles in the kitchen packed with your ideals?

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