Cafe-style kitchen renovation example collection Fashionable design & storage technique

Have a nice time in the kitchen space like a fashionable cafe. You long for it

In the present age when home time is increasing, we highly recommend the cafe-style kitchen that makes you feel better

This time, we will introduce a lot of examples of renovation of fashionable cafe-style kitchens.

We have picked up various layouts, so please use it as a reference for your home remodelling and renovation.

 Home tea time in a cafe-style kitchen

The kitchen has always been a “cooking place”, but recently, the layout where you can enjoy tea time in a cafe-like atmosphere is also popular.

You can enjoy a different atmosphere from the dining table and the sofa in the living room, and it is perfect for break time between work and housework, and for a tea party with friends.

Unlike the living room, the kitchen is easy to finish with your favourite interior, and it is a nice point that you can make it a cafe specification as much as you want.

If you want to create a place to enjoy a wonderful time in your house, please refer to the cafe-style kitchen layout.

Fashionable cafe-style kitchen renovation example collection

Cafe-style kitchen

We have picked up a fashionable cafe-style kitchen that was actually renovated.

The detail page at the link below the photo also has a photo of the entire house and a floor plan, so be sure to check the house you are interested in.

A simple face-to-face kitchen is combined with an L-shaped counter to create a cafe-like atmosphere where you can enjoy tea time wherever you like.

There is plenty of width at the counter, so it would be fun to invite your friends to a tea party.

While taking advantage of the openness of the face-to-face kitchen to show the interior, the sink and stove, which make it easy to see the feeling of life, are well hidden at the start.

  • Sufficient storage capacity is secured with kitchen cabinets and cupboards, and open shelves are fashionable in high places.
  • The retro light bulb-shaped pendant light is also a fashionable accent.
  • It is an old folk house cafe-style kitchen that boldly shows the pillars and beams of a detached house and coordinates fashionably throughout the LDK
  • A stool that fits a slightly higher counter to secure a cafe space with a minimum floor area.
  • The open shelves that make use of the green tiles and bay windows also add a nice touch to the view from the counter.
  • A vintage cafe-style kitchen dining room that combines a skeleton ceiling with exposed ducts, wood grain, and real brick walls.
  • The basic layout is very simple, but total coordination with furniture, lighting choices, and fashionable accessory arrangements
  • Calm lighting using multiple small lighting fixtures is one of the ways to improve the degree of perfection.
  • The stainless steel Peninsula kitchen, located right after entering the LDK, has the atmosphere of visiting a real cafe.
  • The stainless steel tile mortar and the industrial taste with bare pipes will make you feel better when you sit at the counter.
  • The wide counter is great not only for tea time but also as a substitute for a dining table.
  • With a workspace and a flat stainless steel top, it is a nice point to have excellent design, durability and cleanability.

Tips for fashionably finishing a cafe-style kitchen

Coordinating the entire room

Rather than just finishing the kitchen itself in a cafe style, it will be even more fashionable if you coordinate the entire adjacent LDK.

Match the colours of the shelves and doors with the flooring, combine the stools with the dining table, and unify the various parts.

It is recommended to think about the whole image based on the cafe you actually go to and the case photos you like.

We can support you just by showing the photo to our planner, so please feel free to tell us your favourite design.

Keep the base simple

If you aim for a fashionable cafe-style interior, you will want to “add” various things, but let’s keep the base simple.

If you look closely at a cafe with a fashionable decoration, the colours and accents of the base are simple, and it is often arranged with miscellaneous goods and flowers.

It is recommended to suppress the basics of general interior coordination, such as deciding one taste as a base and limiting the colours to 2 to 3 colours.

 Create space for small items and interior items

The display that decorates the miscellaneous goods that decorate the cafe-style kitchen is also one of the indispensable elements for a fashionable finish.

For example, if you choose an open shelf instead of hiding it with a hanging cupboard with a door, your favourite tableware and cooking utensils will be a fashionable accent

There are many ideas for creating fashionable displays, such as using wall thickness, installing open shelves in high places that become dead spaces.

Instead of thinking about the design of the kitchen alone, try total coordination of the items placed there.

We are particular about lighting

A bright cafe-style kitchen with plenty of natural light during the day, and a good idea to transform downlights and spotlights into a fashionable dining bar at night

Just by sticking to the lighting, the charm of the evening to the night will be greatly improved, and it will be a nice kitchen.

With the illuminated counter, you can enjoy drinking and talking like a shop even though you are at home.

Hide the feeling of life

Showing the design of the kitchen itself and the interior is a standard technique for cafe taste, but let’s hide the parts that lead to a sense of life such as the sink and worktop.

It’s difficult to keep the sink empty all the time, especially if you have small children who eat and treat a lot.

A kitchen where you cannot observe the feeling of life can be created simply by raising the walls of the facing kitchen.

Let’s use the part to hide and the part to show properly while balancing with the feeling of openness and the appearance of the design.


  • For those who usually like visiting cafes, we highly recommend the cafe-style kitchen where you can enjoy a wonderful tea time at home
  • Why don’t you imitate your favourite cafe design that you always go to and create a kitchen space that will make you feel better?
  • There are many examples of kitchen renovations that cannot be introduced here, so please refer to them.

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