Tiny Homes Residential Mental Health Facility Opens Up In Mooroopna

Tiny homes residential mental health facility is a Tiny House Community that supports the living of people with mental illness. It is a new 16-unit Mooroopna Haven Tiny Home, one out of five in Victoria and there are plans to build more over the state and country.

These tiny homes offer healing to mental health patients. The facility provides a space where people can concentrate on recovery while also building a community and a sense of independence.

This facility is owned by the Haven Foundation, which focuses on providing social housing to individuals with psychosocial disabilities. The homes have 24/7 support from a mental health service provider, Mind Australia.

 Residents in the tiny home must be diagnosed with a mental illness and have a National Disability Insurance Scheme plan which involves a supported independent living component.

Trudy Fuller, Mooroopna Haven service manager said that the units have been taken up quickly in the few months since it was opened. She also added that she had already seen residents grow in confidence and build friendships.

“A gap for this service was definitely evident in the region,” she said.

The chief executive of Mind Australia, Gill Callister, said the recovery-oriented Haven homes are aimed at stopping a devastating downward spiral in the mental health system. Ms. Callister said, “What you see with people who face serious long-term mental health challenges, is this repeated cycle of becoming unwell, going to the hospital, and losing accommodation”.

She added that the homes have helped to deal with loneliness, which is a key factor of mental health illness and a barrier to recovery. There are also unplanned admissions to hospitals at a really quick rate. These patients get the support they require not to become seriously sick, and to build their stability and capability.

Through the Haven model, there is a huge improvement in individuals’ ability to connect, not only with the other residents in the tiny home but in their local community.

Ms. Callister hopes that there would be more funding in the future to also buy Tiny House couches with storage for the tiny homes to continue spreading across Australia because the need for them is everywhere.

One of the residents in this new facility, Ms. Patching said the new home is life-changing and it offers supported independent units to people with mental illness.

Recounting her story, she said in one year, she had watched how nine of her family members died and the first death was her grandmother, then her mum, stepdad, and uncles, and It really affected her. 

She had a decline in her mental health due to so many losses of her loved ones, so she had to see a doctor. She was connected with a psychiatrist and moved into a shared house that offered steady intensive support but soon she felt trapped and needed freedom.

Since she moved into the Haven home in Mooroopna, near Shepparton, she gained independence, she can be on her own and be responsible for herself. Future dreams are also important to her.

Her next goal is to get a job and have money to go on holiday. She said the place has helped her to boost her confidence and gain much independence.

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