Various ideas for using the dining room

What is dining room

Dining room: A place to eat, but now the role of the dining room is not limited to that.

There are various uses, such as serving as a space where each person can work while feeling the atmosphere of the family, or using it as a place to relax outside of meal time. This time, we will introduce various use cases of fashionable dining rooms.

Dining room where you can also work

A modern dining room with a black ceiling. The dining table for 6 people is custom-made so you can sit comfortably.

A Scandinavian-style dining room with an impressive pendant light with high design.

There is also a desk on the right side, where children can study and adults can work, so that each person can spend their time in one space.

  • The idea of ​​using the kitchen counter as a dining room.
  • You can make good use of the limited space, and you can cook while communicating, so it may be a good time to invite familiar friends.

Dining that connects spaces

Home for grandmother and grandson. This plan has a living room and a living room for each of the two people through a dining table like a window-like door.

It is a space where you can live together for two generations over one generation and ensure the privacy of each.

The residence of three family members. There is lots of ingenuity that you can’t tell from the simple appearance, but the facial expressions differ depending on the viewing direction.

The kitchen counter can be used not only as a face-to-face counter, but also as a dining table, from a small tatami mat in the living corner to a chair seat, and as a tatami mat, which roughly connects the two corners.

 camp! Dining

A house in a location where it is humid in the summer and heavy snowfall in the winter. You can enjoy your life by setting up a tent indoors while making good use of the buffer space that is “between indoors and outdoors” that is not perfectly created.

  • A renovation that was conceived as a child became a junior high school student and family conversations gradually decreased.
  • I made “GOOD-TIME PLACE” which is an outdoor dining room with a roof.
  • Family conversations have increased, and the addition of a bicycle storage area and a clothesline makes household chores easier. GOOD-TIME will continue in the future.

A relaxing dining room

dining room

The simple yet warm feeling is due to the wooden furniture that matches the solid chestnut flooring.

It wasn’t a chair for each person that matched the table, but a bench type with a back. You can relax at times other than meals.

  • Dining integrated with the kitchen top plate. Of course, it is a custom-made product.
  • The chair that matches such a high-impact table has a nice patchwork-like design.

A thoroughly luxurious dining room

This luxury modern dining room is like a showroom.

The square-shaped lighting and the entire furniture are also modernized, creating an adult atmosphere.

You will want to spend a relaxing and luxurious time in the dining room while enjoying the view from the living space and the window beyond it.

The simple and modern space is luxurious as well as the view from the large opening.

The impressive dining table is a custom-made product with a length of 3.3m. The idea of ​​placing a table across floor levels is interesting, isn’t it?

This dining room is arranged in dark tones. The calm atmosphere seems to make you forget the time.

The Y chair has a strong natural image, but by matching it with a black-painted one, it also matches an adult space.

In addition, the seating surface is a natural cord, so the entire room does not become too heavy, bringing lightness to the dark tone space.

A place to eat may be enough, but it may be interesting to revisit the possibilities of a dining room that goes beyond that.

Everyone, please try to plan your dining room with flexible ideas.

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