How To Increase Instagram Followers Without Following in 2022

You started Instagram, but are you worried about not having more followers?

Many people who are disseminating information on SNS are not limited to Instagram, but at first they are worried about how to increase the number of followers. Instagram’s algorithms are changing every day, so it’s harder to get more followers than before, but there are several ways to do it.

This time, I will talk about how to increase followers without following.

Why Instagram doesn’t have more followers

If you don’t tell the user what you’re sending, you won’t be able to follow the action. Just as the first impression is important for human relationships, the first impression is important for SNS. When you visit Instagram, the first thing you see is your profile screen. Just by devising the images lined up on the profile screen, the impression will change and the reaction will change significantly.

Give a sense of unity to the profile screen

Here are some techniques to impress your profile screen image:

  • Theme
  • colour
  •  processing

Do you post a lot just because you thought “because it was beautiful”, “because it was delicious”, and “because it was a fun memory”? It doesn’t matter if you just send it out for your own enjoyment, but if you want to increase your followers, unify the themes you post. By unifying the themes, not only does it look beautiful, but it also makes it easier to see what the person posting is interested in and increase the number of followers.

When you look at the image at a glance, there is a proportion that occupies the entire colour. When you look at Instagram on your smartphone, 9 images will be displayed on one screen. Be aware of this screen and unify the colours not for one photo, but for all nine photos. If there is no sense of unity in colour, it will give a messy impression, so please be aware of it.

When posting an image to Instagram, some people just upload it immediately after taking it. That’s a waste, so why not process the image and take some time? By adjusting the brightness, blurring, and adding a frame to the image, you can create a sense of unity as a whole. You can fully process the editing functions installed in Instagram.

Using these techniques will give you a visual sense of unity and make it easy to clarify what you are posting. This technique is recommended because it not only looks good, but also makes it easier to follow the accessing user.

Create a profile section that attracts users

What do you look at when you want to “follow on Instagram”? Maybe it’s because I checked my profile and thought that it would give me useful information.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Think about why you thought it was useful information. Compared to the people I have followed on Instagram so far, I feel that “I’m sure they will send me useful information because my profile is similar to the one who gave me useful information and followed me. I think there are many people.

Therefore, in order to let you know what kind of post you are going to post on Instagram, it will be easier to understand if you not only show the world view with images, but also post the URL of the homepage or blog, or simply describe it in sentences.

One strategy to increase the number of followers on Instagram is to create a “business account”. By setting up a business account, you will find out that:

  • Number of impressions per post 
  • Behaviour after seeing the post 
  • Number of accesses by people other than followers

You can analyse these numbers to improve the use of posts and hashtags that we’ll talk about later to increase your followers. The good news is that you can use this feature for free without using any other apps, so let’s use it.

Use hashtags to increase the number of followers!

By strategically using hashtags, images posted on Instagram will be seen by many people and will lead to an increase in the number of followers. Hashtags are a group of words prefixed with “#” in the posted text and can be clicked. Some people use this feature to use Instagram as an information gathering tool.

If you search on the net, there is a site that summarises hashtags, so how about referring to it?

Instagram is a communication tool

“Instagram” is a social phenomenon caused by Instagram. Based on the information sent with the hashtag “#”, it has become established to exchange and share each other’s experiences and information. The feature of Instagram is that it focuses on images. Therefore, it is attractive to be able to interact with many people, not just those who understand Japanese, by adding “#ramen” as well as “#ramen” as a hashtag.

An effective way to increase your followers is to “follow” and “like” articles about potential targets . When you have a small number of followers and get “follow” or “like”, don’t you care what kind of person took the action? The next action you take is to access the other person’s Instagram and thank them for “following” and “like” to create an exchange. When you start Instagram, it is difficult for you to post by yourself, but by checking other people’s posts and communicating with them for research, not only will you increase your followers, but you will also be able to expand the range of information you can send.

In the case of a company, it is easier to get a sense of familiarity and empathy by using Instagram to “follow” and “like” user posts. Also, communicating many times can make a big difference in the quality and reaction of your followers.

Do not fake what you post

It is important that the content of the post is not false.

Basically, other users follow you because they think they’ll get some useful information.

For example, in the case of an account that introduces a restaurant, what the user wants to know is “characteristics and reputation of the restaurant”. In reality, there is no need for information that says “delicious” even though it is not delicious.

Users will be more pleased if they give their impressions honestly. By sending out the information that users are looking for, it will lead to an increase in followers.

Post and advertise using SNS

It is also recommended to post and promote not only Instagram but also other SNS.

You may be attracted to Instagram by other SNS.

And even though Instagram has a lot of users, it’s not used by everyone in the world. Therefore, not a few users cannot reach it.

Let’s acquire a wide range of followers by utilising various SNS.

Posts with mentions

It’s also a good idea to ask your fans to include an “@ + username” when posting.

Posting with mentions in this way will lead to an increase in the influx of your profile.

However, if you do it too persistently, it can give a bad impression. Therefore, do it only during campaigns and events.

Post with location information

Posting with location information makes it easier for people who are interested in the same place to see it. There is a high possibility that the number of followers will increase according to the number of views, so let’s hold it down.

Especially, if you have a real store, it is recommended because it can be used to guide you to the store.

Do Instagram live


It’s also a good idea to do an Instagram live to communicate with users in real time. Users will be notified as soon as the live stream starts.

Also, unlike videos, it is not one-sided on the distribution side. In fact, you can communicate with the user who is listening.

If you communicate well with your viewers and earn their trust, you will increase your followers. The contents vary, but there are “explanations of how to use the product” and “delivery of participating events”.

Take advantage of reels

It is also recommended to take advantage of the “reel” function that was added to Instagram in August 2020.

Reel is a function that allows you to create a short movie of 15 to 30 seconds, and you can also add sounds and effects.

As a difference from the story, it also appears in the “Discovery tab”. Therefore, you can reach other people than your followers.

Use hashtags to find posts

Hashtags are a feature that makes good use of Instagram. By using hashtags, you can connect with people who have common hobbies and goals, which will lead to an increase in the number of followers. Here, we will introduce how to effectively use hashtags.

Hashtag points that cover Instagram operations

To reach a lot of users, it’s better to have a lot of hashtags.

1: Pay attention to the number of hashtags

Instagram allows you to attach up to 30 hashtags per post, but random addition has no effect. Please note that if you post more than 30 posts, an error message will be displayed and the caption will disappear.

2: Effective number of hashtags In the

US empirical results, the response rate with 10 or less hashtags was less than 50% . On the other hand , it was 79% when 11 hashtags were attached . From this result, you can see that the more hashtags you have on Instagram, the more likely you are to see them in your search, and the more responsive you will be. As you can see from this demonstration result, the response rate is higher when 11 or more hashtags are attached.

3: Where to attach

hashtags There are two ways to use hashtags.

  • Insert hashtags in the sentence
  • Arrange hashtags at the end of the sentence

If you insert a hashtag in the text, the keywords will be displayed in blue and will be more noticeable. On the other hand, you can arrange hashtags at the end of the sentence and have the whole sentence read intensively. Both are effective methods, so try to keep them out of the way when the user reads the capture.

4: How to insert a half-width space in

the hashtag If there is no half-width space, the hashtag keyword will not be in blue and will be displayed in black. If it is not in blue, it will be recognized as just a sentence and will not be reflected as a hashtag. In order to make good use of the hashtag search keyword, be sure to insert a half-width space before and after it when using it in the text.

5: Exact match is the principle

Hashtag search is based on the exact match keyword. Therefore, when using ” red shoes” as a hashtag, attaching three hashtags , “red”, “shoes”, and “red shoes” , will increase the chances of being seen by the user.

Stop using classic hashtags

I think there are many people who easily use popular keywords as hashtags. If you use standard hashtags, your followers may be less responsive. The reason is that the keywords used by many people flow in the margin of the search and the posts are buried.

One way to get attention to a post is to display it in “Popular Posts” . The key to being displayed in popular posts is how many of the people who saw the post liked it . In the past, people with a large number of followers had an advantage, but the recent trend is that good quality posts are getting high marks.

Understand what kind of people like the world view you created on Instagram and what you expect and access to it. If you can analyse the user, you can post using the hashtag that matches the analysis result, and the probability of being selected as a popular post will increase.

If you win the “treasure” hashtag, you also win Instagram

Here’s how to find a treasure hashtag that you can use on Instagram.

1: Let’s use

The discovery tab There is a search function called the “discovery” tab that is used when collecting information using Instagram. This is a method to search for hashtags from the posted numbers by entering the keywords that people who want to become followers will search for.

When you open Instagram, tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen to display the “Discovery” tab.

When you enter the keywords that your target expects to use , the number of posts will be displayed on the screen. Also, “specified hashtag + keyword” will be displayed in a row below it, so let’s refer to this keyword as well.

2: If you can’t figure out what hashtag to use from other people’s posts, try to imitate someone who has a lot of followers on Instagram with the same world view. When you make a similar post, use the hashtag attached to that post to send it.

Use hashtags for stories

Hashtags are also used in stories to make them easier to find when searching.

Post a fun video that will make you a follower when users who search by hashtag see the story.

Hashtags can also be displayed on the screen of the story. You can also change the color and font, so make good use of it to guide you.

Best posting frequency

Introducing the optimal number of posts and the best posting time that will lead to an increase in the number of followers on Instagram.

Let’s update at the right time

Posting frequency is important for increasing followers. The posting frequency will differ depending on the SNS that sends the information. For Instagram, quality is more than quantity. Even if you post a lot, Instagram users will not respond if the quality is low. Even if you are enthusiastic about posting at first, it will take time to collect information and edit images, which will be a burden and will result in irregular posting. As a guideline for the frequency of posting, try to post regularly without getting tired at a pace of 2 to 3 times a week .

Let’s post using the story function

The photos that are usually posted are works that have been created, but the story can be said to be a function that cuts out everyday life and reports on the latest status. The features of the story are as follows.

  • Videos disappear in 24 hours
  • Questionnaires and live distribution are possible
  • Vertical photos and videos with impact are displayed

Make good use of the story function, which has the advantage of not being created, to increase the number of followers.

When is Instagram’s Golden Time?

Would you like to post to Instagram at an effective time? Masu is aiming for the timing when the time to use the smartphone is becoming a habit . Wake up to check your smartphone and aim for commuting time in the morning from 7:00 to 9:00 . And the night time from 19:00 to 24:00 , which aims at bedtime from home, is the golden time, but there are many people who actively check Instagram during this time, and there is a probability that posts will be buried by that amount. It will increase. This cannot be expected to increase the number of followers.

Then, why not shift the time a little? Many people post a little earlier than the time they post on their smartphones. For example, if you post from 6:00 to 7:00 one hour earlier than the golden time of 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning, the probability of seeing the post will increase.

Let’s update regularly using the reservation posting function

Even if Instagram isn’t every day, it won’t lead to an increase in the number of followers unless you post regularly. That said, it’s difficult to post at a fixed time because of sudden errands or lack of time.

We recommend the ” Creator Studio ” where you can post Instagram reservations .

Creator Studio is a service provided by Facebook that allows you to reserve posts at any time you like and even create posts. Creator Studio can not only post, but also comment, number of likes, and access analysis, so why not use it?

Let’s devise a photo and increase the number of followers

Engagement rate, which shows the degree of user interest, is an important indicator on Instagram. Here, I will focus on photography.

Let’s use a photo of a smile

You can just shoot the main items and landscapes, but if you want to increase the number of followers, upload a photo with your face in it. It is effective if you have a photo of a smile. At this time, please be careful about taking selfies. Since the distance between the camera and yourself, who is the subject, is short, the image will be one pattern. In order to make a difference, you can convey the story by adding a background other than yourself, so why not have a third party shoot it instead of shooting it yourself?

Effect of video posting

Following the video boom, Instagram has focused not only on photos, but also on videos.

Videos can convey a lot of information to your followers in a short amount of time. For example, in the case of a photograph, the information is only from the visual sense, but not only the movement of the image but also the sound is added, which makes it easier for anyone to understand intuitively.

Margins are not cluttered

When posting an image, it is important to create a unified profile screen. By adding a margin to the image, the messy feeling is eliminated and the image looks neat.

It also has the effect of gathering the line of sight to one thing by adding a margin. It can be applied not only to Instagram but also to others, so please try it.


This time, I introduced how to increase Instagram followers. There are various techniques for increasing followers. It can be difficult to adopt all the methods, but try any one first.

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